DP World Jeddah

DP World Jeddah

How to Log in to the App?
If user is registered, on the main screen of the App, Type Email and password and Click Sign in.

How to Register in to the App?
From navigation bar, choose Register, fill fields and Register. Once registered, Web administrator when approves the User, will able to Login with E-service private services.

How to post a feedBack?
From Main Dashboard, choose Feedback, in provided form,fill fields and click submit.

How to use E-services?
From Main Dashboard,choose E-Services, able to see Container Status and Berthing Schedule.Once Logged in, will be able to also see Private services- Ticket Management and Load permit.

How to use Container Status?
From Main Dashboard,choose E-Services, then choose Container Status, in that there is option to enter either Container Number,BL Number or Bayan Number. Enter any of this and form will be populated with required information on clicking search.

How to use Berthing Schedule?
From Main Dashboard,choose E-Services, then choose Berthing Schedule, in that there is two options to search Schedule,either through Voyage Number or Date Range-From Date and To Date. If search is by Voyage Number, enter the voyage number and click search,form will populate with required information. If search is by Date range, choose From and To date,click search and required information will be displayed accordingly.